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Our goal at Chihluy Workshop is to support and showcase the innovative artwork of Dale Chihuly. While Chihuly Workshop started as a publishing company, it has grown to encompass much more than just books. These products are designed to bring the awe and wonderment of Chihuly’s art back home with you.

Chihuly Persian Ceiling

Responsive Design

Chihuly Workshop’s desktop website was reconfigured into a touch friendly interface suitable for any phone and tablet. The look and feel were consistent with the desktop website.

Chihuly's Responsive Web Design shown on an iPhone

Products Glass

Chihuly Macchia glass product webpage on iPhone
Chihuly Persian glass product webpage on iPad
Chihuly's glass listing webpage on iPad

Products Merchandise

Chihuly tote bag webpage on iPhone
Chihuly umbrella webpage on iPad
Chihuly merchandise listing webpage on iPad


Catalogs often accompanied an exhibition. Most catalogs aligned with the exhibition’s flow, mimicking passage form piece to piece. This also allowed natural transitions between photography. Exhibitions include Chihuly at Fairchild, Chihuly at Denver Botanical Garden, and Chihuly at Atlanta Botanical Garden.

Chihuly catalog spines

Catalogs Chihuly Garden Show Covers

Chihuly in the Garden catalog cover
Chihuly at Denver Botanical Gardens catalog cover
Chihuly at Fairchild catalog cover

Catalogs Chihuly at Fairchild Spreads

Red Reeds in the Chihuly at Fairchild catalog
Chronology title page in the Chihuly at Fairchild catalog
Chronology pages in the Chihuly at Fairchild catalog


Chihuly products included eye-catching packaging that displayed well at every bookstore, museum, and gallery. For each package, a host of criteria must be met during conception: how it's displayed, sustainability, fulfillment, materials, printing techniques, and cost.

Chihuly DVD Collector's Set outer packaging


DVD Collector’s Set

This collector’s set was created for the true Chihuly enthusiast, including three full-length feature DVDs and books. Because of it’s collection of material that spans decades of Chihuly’s life, this box had to feel special.

The Persian Ceiling peaking out from the outer box provides a glimpse of what’s to come. The box’s contrast between it's two components is not only in color, but also in materials. A soft touch coating covers the outer half providing a tactile difference from the glossy innards. The gloss finish allows the colors to pop and mimics the artist’s medium, glass.

The box’s construction is unlike other DVD sets. The triangular shape of both box halves sets it apart from a standard rectangular boxes. Because the boxes slide together, it allows for easy in-house fulfillment.

Chihuly DVD Collector's Set dvds with outer packaging
Chihuly Pure Imagination Colored Pencil set packaging


Colored Pencils

Prior to this design, the pencils were packed in aluminum tubes. A switch to a cardboard tube wrapped in craft paper provided a more sustainable material that would not dent when shipped, a common problem with the previous packaging. A detail from an original Chihuly drawing highlights the artist’s own use of pencils and represents the spectrum of colors offered in the set.

Chihuly Pure Imagination Colored Pencil set displayed on a table

Marketing Material

Uniquely designed to draw your interest.

Marketing Material

Studio Edition Cards

Let the art speak for itself. This was the constant theme at Chihuly. Black and white backgrounds exhibited his work in a simple and elegant way. Often times the glass will display different qualities in varying lighting conditions so photographing it in two opposite environments helps capture these differences.

Front and back of the Chihuly Mandarin Yellow Persian marketing card
Various Chihuly Studio Edition marketing cards

Marketing Material

Digital Announcements and Newsletters

Before this redesign, email marketing was using an out-of-the-box Mailchimp template. It did not fit the look and feel of other marketing materials’ designs or the website’s design. The new templates were designed from the ground up to coexist with these other assets. It was constructed in Mailchimp to be modular with full and halved sections. The theme allows for simple updating of content, fonts, colors, and positioning right through the Mailchimp UI, no code required.

An assortment of Chihuly digital newsletters